Choosing The Right Bridal Accessories

After much deliberation you have bought the dress you have always dreamed of, so now what? It is often hard to envisage how the different elements of your bridal look are going to come together, and with so many options and factors to consider such as location and theme it can all seem a bit daunting.  "Decide what you want the focus to be and keep it simple" says Charlotte Brown, owner of vintage and bespoke jewellery brand, My Fayre Favourite. "So many brides can fall into the trap thinking they have to have earrings, necklace, hair accessory, sash, veil, gloves, the works. Not only is this expensive but can mean the bride gets lost amongst all the sequins and bling."

So where to start? Read on for Charlotte's expert advice on how to choose with confidence.

Vintage bridal jewellery by My Fayre Favourite1. The style of the dress and your wedding is paramount

The way your dress is cut may determine your accessories, for instance if you have a high neckline or long sleeves you shouldn't need a necklace or bracelet as this would interrupt the line of the dress.  Think about what accessories you normally like to wear and try to reflect this so you are still true to your own style on the day. Always go with your gut, if you normally feel most comfortable with your hair down and love earrings then use this as your starting point. Details within the dress could also provide inspiration, such as pearls sewn into the lace or crystals, these can be incorporated into the accessories. Think about the look you want to go for and try to tie it in with the rest of your wedding; having a lot of glamorous bling might not necessarily work if your reception is in a tipi!

Gold Bridal hair pin by My Fayre Favourite


2. It's all about balance!

If you have lots of detail on the dress, simple accessories will always complement, likewise you can really take your pick of sparkly accessories if you are going for a simpler style. Remember to take your final choices with you to your final dress fitting so you can see how everything works together and try to decide how you want your hair as early as possible especially if you have your heart set on statement earrings or a head piece.

3. Don't dress the bridesmaids up like Christmas trees

Consider your bridal party and whether you want their accessories to reflect yours, or whether you want them to express themselves with their own. Be careful of the friend with "alternative" taste if you give them that freedom! Jewellery is often a beautiful gift you can give on the day that they can keep as a memento.

4. Handle with care

After the wedding if you have a piece of jewellery you want to keep or wear occasionally make sure it is packed away and not left out to the elements; it can be surprising how the air can affect some metals. For best protection try to store in acid free tissue paper within a solid box and wrap in a plastic bag to stop air getting to it. If you have a piece of your grandmother's jewellery you would like to wear but it has lost a bit of its sparkle, just let it soak for 15 minutes in some warm soapy water and use a toothbrush to clean it up. This should bring the sparkle back!

Handcrafted in the heart of Kent, Charlotte sources unique antique and vintage treasures and turns them into bespoke accessories including head bands, jewellery and cufflinks. Taking inspiration from nature her pieces are rustic and romantic, often incorporating the bride's personal heirlooms into the finished item. "My best experiment was getting some garden twine and gold wire and creating a bridal belt with gold flowers - it was an absolutely perfect look for boho and outdoor brides with a rustic theme."  For further details please visit her page to view Charlotte's unique treasures for both stylish brides and grooms.

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