7 Great Reasons To Get Married In Surrey!

Ash and Kat from The Springles Wedding Photography based in Camberley, Surrey, give you their professional opinion!

We aren’t just a Surrey wedding photographer – we’re also a Husband and Wife who got married in Surrey. We were both born in Surrey, Ash has lived his whole life in Surrey and Kat the majority – we love that no matter where we go, Surrey is our home. You can take the Photographer out of Surrey, but you can’t take Surrey out of the Photographer! 

We’re privileged to photograph couples and weddings world wide, with this year taking us to Madrid, Antigua, Italy and Malaga. But as the old saying goes – there’s no place like home.  

Surrey offers a rich and diverse choice of grand, historic, contemporary and rustic venues to suit every Bride and Groom To Be.  Beautiful landscapes, deep woodland and rich heathland are all easily accessible for couples shoots – it’s no wonder so many major motion pictures are filmed within the area. 

Here’s a few of our favourite spots for couples shots; 

SouthwoWeddings in Surrey www.southernwedding.co.ukod Woodland (technically right on the Surrey/Hampshire border, but we love it) 

Get this piece of woods at the right time of year and you’ll have bluebells, lush green trees and towering silver birch. We love the variety of trees and plants here, planted in ‘zones’ so you can be in thick forest one minute, and romantic English woodland the next! 





Weddings in Surrey www.southernwedding.co.ukPirbright Woods 

A thick, dense woodland that offers rich colours and amazing textures. We even love it in the rain! 






Weddings in Surrey www.southernwedding.co.ukNewlands Corner 

This spot is beautiful for a walk and you can even grab a burger afterwards if that’s your thing! If you’ve got time (and strong thighs!) consider a walk to the tiny ancient St Martha’s church on the top of the hill; the views are incredible. 






Some awesome Surrey venues we’ve shot at: 

Weddings in Surrey www.southernwedding.co.ukNorthcote House, Sunningdale Park  


This historic and elegant venue beautifully combines classic and contemporary style. Perfect for the Couple looking for a grand wedding day with a healthy scoop of tradition. The elegant balcony makes for some gorgeous Husband and Wife shots, while the main hall is the perfect canvas for your wedding dreams; we’ve seen some truly epic DJ set ups in this enormous space! 





Weddings in Surrey - Northbrook Park Farm, Farnham www.southernwedding.co.ukNorthbrook Park, Farnham 

What’s not to love about a venue with peacocks walking around? (Note well; their display of plumage is for attracting a mate, so you’ll have to look your best to get a good look at their gorgeous petrol-coloured feathers!) The ceremony room is lined with floor to ceiling windows, marble floors and crystal chandeliers – a wedding Photographer’s dream!  





Weddings in Surrey - Gatestreet Barn, Guildford www.southernwedding.co.ukGatestreet Barn, Guildford Weddings in Surrey - Gatestreet Barn, Guildford www.southernwedding.co.uk

A cute little barn just 5 minutes from the centre of Guildford. The venue is set way back from the road and is surrounded by lush green fields. A farm wedding without the fuss! 





Weddings in Surrey - Loseley Park www.southernwedding.co.ukLoseley Park, Surrey 

One of our favourite things about Loseley Park is the vastness of it. The meticulously landscaped, walled garden offers the perfect location for your drinks reception, a sun-trap in summer and a bit of wind protection in the colder months. Loseley Park offers both prestige and simplicity.  





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