Bringing Your Wedding Guest Book To Life

Guest books make a lovely keepsake to commemorate your wedding day for many years to come. Guests celebrating the wedding with you can sign the book and offer you their best wishes so you can reread the messages and reminisce over the special day. If you want to ensure your guest book stands out and provides a memorable and creative touch at your wedding, then take a look at the following ideas on how to bring your wedding guest book to life.

Piñata wedding guest book

One memorable guest book idea would be to ask your guests to write a message and place it in a piñata. On the one year anniversary of your wedding, burst the piñata open and read all the mementos from your family and friends.

Have guests sign something that means a lot to you and your partner

Are you and your husband or wife-to-be avid guitar players? Are into tennis perhaps? Or both work in a school, hospital, or office maybe? Asking guests to sign an object that is significant to the couple can be a great way to bring a wedding guest book to life.

A video compilation

Instead of getting guests to write notes, have them record a message at the reception. You can do this by either hiring a videographer for your special day, or simply providing an iPad at the reception and asking guests to get stuck in. The messages can then be played together as a lovely video celebration of your big day as well as being easily shared with guests, using platforms such as Vimeo or Youtube.

A podcast wedding guest book

If you fancy going down the techie route, why not ask your guests to record a voice message and then later edit all the messages together to form a podcast?

Having your loved ones’ messages and best wishes on a podcast would be a cherished keepsake of the wedding you can listen to in many years to come.

A Polaroid post it board

Make your wedding guest book stand out by having a Polaroid post it board at the venue. Place a Polaroid camera on a table and ask guests to take a photograph of themselves and place the picture alongside a message in either a book or on a board.

A vintage typewriter

From Polaroid cameras to vintage typewriters, there’s plenty of imaginative and fun ways to get guests to sign your wedding guest book. If you’re having a vintage style wedding, placing a vintage typewriter on a table and asking guests to type out their message, would provide a novel and special touch.


Why not make a showpiece of your wedding guest book to hang on the wall by placing a large blank canvas and some stylish thick marker pens and ask your guests to write their messages and comments on the canvas? Having an image of the happy couple and getting your guests to write comments around the image can make the canvas even more special, eye-catching and memorable.


Instead of asking guests to write in a book, why not ask them to write you a postcard? You could design personalised postcards of you with your family and friends, or include postcards that are synonymous with the wedding, such as the theme of the big day or the destination of the wedding venue or honeymoon. Ask each guest to write you a message on a postcard then place the cards in a big box. When you return from your honeymoon, you can spend an enjoyable hour or two going through the postcards and messages. You could even create a framed collage of the postcards and place it on a wall in the house.

A jigsaw wedding book

Have a blank wooden jigsaw or a jigsaw made from a picture of yourself and your partner and get each guest to sign a piece of the jigsaw. You’ll have hours of fun placing the jigsaw back together and reading the messages on every individual piece.

Message in a bottle

Place a large empty bottle of champagne, or whatever your favourite tipple is, and ask your guests to write a message then pop it into the bottle. Whenever you decide to open the bottle, you’ll have a great many laughs and perhaps a few tears, reading all the messages and comments from your big day.

There’s almost endless way to get quirky and creative at your wedding and having an unusual wedding book design will ensure one of the biggest days of your life is not just memorable on the day itself, but provides a fondly cherished keepsake for many years to come.

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