Forum Terms

Effective 11th February 2016

We want members to enjoy our forums and use them as a place to seek advice and offer support to others. We politely ask that you abide by the following rules to ensure a friendly atmosphere is maintained:

  • Please treat other users with respect. Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and the moderators reserve the right to remove posts or permanently block users from the site.
  • Take care when posting personal information. This forum is able to be seen by the general public and threads may appear in search engine results.  It is advisable not to post information that could identify you, and although our moderators are happy to delete odd posts on request they are unable to delete every post by a specific member.
  • Do not spam. Any post considered to be spam (not limited to unauthorised, irrelevant or advertising posts) will be removed and the user may be permanently blocked.
  • Do not post website links.
  • Please be considerate with the language used. Swearing, racist or inflammatory remarks and personal attacks are forbidden and any user using such language will be permanently blocked from using the site.
  • Do not post large image files as these can slow the loading speed for other users. Inappropriate images will be deleted and illegal images will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Please post topics in the most appropriate forum or thread. Items to buy or sell must only be posted in the Southern Wedding Market Place.
  • Members are politely reminded that they may be held legally responsible for anything they say or do online.
  • Any questions or complaints are to be directed to